Hey da, ich bin ein 16 Jähriges Mädel, ich liebe Japan und Korea, und es ist schön das ihr hier her gefunden habt, ich freue mich über jeden Follower. ^-^ Also Hier findet ihr viele Bilder über Animes, und vieles mehr.

Hey there, I`m a 16 years old girl and i love Japan and Korea, and it is cool that you found my Blog I´m happy about every follower ^-^ So here are many things about Anime.
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but just imagine a ghost that no one can see that catches an item thats flying towards someone right before it hits their face but no one can see the ghost so people start to thin k that person can make stuff float around and the ghoST IS SO ADORABLY AWKWARD IT JUST SORTA FOLLOWS THAT PERSON AROUND AND WHENEVER SOMEONE IS LIKE “duDE MAKE THAT PENCIL FLOAT” THE GHOST JUST SIGHS AND PICKS IT UP