Hey da, ich bin ein 16 Jähriges Mädel, ich liebe Japan und Korea, und es ist schön das ihr hier her gefunden habt, ich freue mich über jeden Follower. ^-^ Also Hier findet ihr viele Bilder über Animes, und vieles mehr.

Hey there, I`m a 16 years old girl and i love Japan and Korea, and it is cool that you found my Blog I´m happy about every follower ^-^ So here are many things about Anime.
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When disabled people say they don’t want to be treated differently, we mean we don’t want to hear your voice go up 5 million octaves as you talk to us like we’re toddlers, or see your face contort into a big plastic smile when you see us. 

We mean, treat us with the respect and dignity a human being has every right to.

We do not mean, ignore our disability and hold us to abled standards. 

Abled people just don’t get that.